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Child Led Local Curriculum | Daycare Cambridge
Child Led Local Curriculum

Our thoughtfully designed local curriculum aligns with Te Whariki - the National Curriculum, it reflects our Philosophy of aroha and Sustainability, and created collaboratively, it echos parent aspirations.

Curriculum Priorities set by Whanau | Early Learning Centre
Curriculum Priorities set by Whanau

All of our foundational centre documents are formulated and reviewed in partnership with whanau. Our priorities reflect what you view as success for your child and what is important in our community.

Natural Sensory Play | Kindergarten Cambridge
Natural Sensory Play

The forest is open ended - there are no plastic toys, joy is found in what papatuanuku gifts us on any day. Tree climbing, puddle jumping, art, literacy, science and maths - it can all be found in the landscape.

Learning alongside other creatures | Early Learning Centre Cambridge
Learning alongside other creatures

Animals have much to teach children. Kindness, empathy and care. We offer horse riding, and encourage children to care for our sheep, our rescue goat, and numerous other furry friends.

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